Argusville School  
Argusville, ND  
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Case Results


This building is currently under new ownership. If you try to go in and investigate you will almost end up being arrested for trespassing. Please do not enter this building or other buildings that don't belong to you without permission from the people that own the building.


This was a joint investigation with Ghost Finders of Fargo (GFF). We had 3 Lead investigators (Charles, Shawn and Jeff).

Initial Report
An earlier investigation done by Red River Investigators of the Paranormal (RRIP) had suggested that there maybe a residual type haunting in this location. They had got what seemed to be a shadow running at their camera and the name of "John" came up.
Investigator's Report
We had many personal experiences while conducting our investigation including shadow's moving, hearing noises and voices, and seeing lights that had no source. We were not able to capture anything on our video, but did get a few EVP's.
1. Jeff and I were on the stage and Charles was on the bleachers and we were just asking questions and watching for activity around us. When we were reviewing the audio we got this... Click Here
2. Both of our investigators were in the kitchen area. Jeff thought he heard something Here is what he heard ... Click here
3. We went into the restroom area. Charles says nice bathroom and we get this on our recorder... Cick here
4. We were in one of the rooms upstairs on the third floor. I asked if this room was an art room or what was it back then. I get this reply... Click here
Couple more EVP's we captured
1. Don't hate Her 2. Almost Away 3. "13" 4. John
We feel that there is paranormal activity at this location, but not enough to say that it is haunted at this time.