Ceres Hall  
On the NDSU Campus Fargo ND Date: 10/31/07  
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Main Information and Equipment

Date: Wednesday October 31st 2007

Time Spent on Investigation: 9:45pm-1:34am

Type of Building: Business but it used to be a Girls dorm

Equipment Used: Olympus Digital Voice Recorders VN-4100PL and VN3100PL, RCA Digital Voice Recorder PR 5012B, Sony DSC-P41 4.1 MP Digital Camera, Olympus 4.0 MP Digital Camera, Sony DCR-TRV280 Digital Video Recorder, Brand New (Never Been Used) Hi-8 video tape, Radio shack 170mhz Wireless Mic System for wireless audio hooked up to a custom built computer running wave pad.

Temperature and Conditions: Fair with temp of 42 degrees F with a wind chill of 36 degrees F.

Main Complaint
They say there is a girl that haunts the 3rd floor. Back then she got into a lot of trouble with her grades so she hung herself and during the night her ghost is really loud and active making noises and slamming doors. A man also hung himself from a heating pipe on the 3rd floor too during WW II. But down in the basement the since of evil is more stronger then on the 3rd floor.
Investigators Report

Shawn - Lead Investigator: I started out up on third floor. Which was pretty lighted due to the security lights that had to be on for safety reasons. As I was doing some EVP work I noticed a shadow on the corner right by one of the doors starting moving in and out then all of a sudden take off. I went right over and found that it was really cold right by the wall to where the shadow was seen. In the basement nothing really happened but still you get the creepy feeling like someone or something is watching you.

Charles - Lead Investigator: I started out in the basement, the feeling was kind of creepy. We heard whispers for the corners of basement. In the one area of the basement there was a red ball of light that was moving around. This maybe what we caught in our photo (See photos below). The third floor was not that eventful. Due to the lighting. We then moved up to the forth floor which was an old gym back then. The feeling I got here due to be being by myself was feeling lost and some sorrow. I tried to provoke the two spirits to come out and play. Nothing happened at this time.

John - Full Time Investigator: In the basement there was a cut-out in the brick wall where I got a weird feeling and later that night that is the area where I took that picture. I can't explain what is in that picture, but it was freaky down there.

Pictures - Click on photos to see full size

Posssible demonic entity that was caught down in the basement

Possible demonic entity that was caught down in the basement

Here are some edited pictures from the image above:

Edited photo 1 Edited Photo 2

Edited Photo 3

What do you think we captured. You can e-mail your ideas to questions@fmparanormal.org

Check out red Line by the enterance door

Check out the red line by the entrance by the door. Click to see full-size.


These EVP's were captured in the basement:

1. Help....Be Quiet

2. Scream

3. I'm in here

4. Right here......Right Here...Yea

5. All Right

This EVP we could not figure out. If you think you can decipher email us at questions@fmparanormal.org

Here is the EVP: (Unknown EVP)

This EVP was captured upstairs in the gym/classroom. Charles was alone during the recording of this EVP.

1. DIE

Conclusion Report for Ceres Hall
We feel that Ceres Hall is haunted and we hope to do further investigations in the future!