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Investigation Results:

Home owner complained of hearing voices and seeing a full bodied spirit in her kitchen. Owners daughters had made the statement that they had dreams with this spirit in them. Owner was terrified of the basement after hear a vioce call for her.

Investigators Present:
At this investigation we had two lead investigators (Charles and Shawn). Two full-time investigators (Ed and Randy). We also had a guest investigator (Brian from the Detroit Lakes, MN Newspaper).
Investigators Report:
We had many personal experiences including hearing voices and being touched. The two lead investigators also seen what was described as a full bodied spirt in the owner bedroom.
EVP's Captured at Dilworth Home:

1. This was captured during setup it's a voice saying...."Come...The time has come" click here

2. This was also captured during setup it sounds like a male voice saying...."I'm on the couch" click here

3. Ed asks about a died cat and you hear what sounds like a "meow" click here

4. Shawn asks "Do you want us to leave...." first tap loud second one quiet click here

5. Shawn speaks first and it sounds like a little girl replying saying "ok" or "hold me" click here

6. Charles is speaking and a female voice is heard say "yo" or "no" click here

7. This EVP was slowed down to be able to understand what is being said. Shawn speaks and then you here a voice saying "Hold me Jean" Click Here

8. Very quickly at the begining you will hear a spirit saying "I just fell" click here

9. Shawn says something is touching his hand, then the owner speaks and at the end you here the evp saying "now" click here

10. Ed talks about a dog that died and at the end you'll hear a loud "yeah"

11. Shawn asks a questiona and gets a response! click here

12. This is a strange EVP with a "breath at the end. Tell us what you think it is. click here

13. There's a bunch of investigators talking and laughing during a break and at the end you hear "That" click here

14. EVP saying "That's dead" click here

15. EVP saying "Who be Walkin" click here

16. Brian speaks and at the end you here "Yeah" click here


We did not get any photo or video evidence during this investiagation, but we still feel that this home is haunted.

Update: The home owner asked us to help her get her house cleansed. We contact the person that we use for this and he did a full house cleansing. There has been no more reports of activity at this location.