Lisbon Residential Home  
19th of January 2008  
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Main Information and Equipment:

Date: January 19th 2008

Time on Investigation: 9:30pm-3:30am

Equipment used: Olympus Digital Voice Recorders VN-4100PL and VN3100PL, Sony DSC-P41 4.1 MP Digital Camera, Olympus 4.0 MP Digital Camera, Sony DCR-TRV280 Digital Video Recorder with two brand new HI-8 video tapes, Radio Shack 170mhz Wireless Mic System for wireless audio hooked up to a HP Laptop using Wave pad.

Main Complaint:
Kids say they are scared to sleep in their rooms, one of the kids says that is closet vibrates and glows a green color. Daughter says she sees a little girl in a white dress every now and then. They say the TV in the living room turns on and off by itself and cold spots come and go every now and then.
People Present:
Charles (Lead Investigator), Shawn (Lead Investigator), Jeff (Assistant Lead Investigator), John (Full-Time Investigator), Am bra (Investigator-In-Training), Tyler (Junior Investigator), Homeowners family.
All of the FM Paranormal team had different paranormal experiences. To Charles hearing a lady start singing right by the TV. When Shawn was upstairs by the landing he was telling the little girl (the spirit) that we were not playing hide and go seek anymore and that is was time to show yourself. He started getting very sick like he was going to faint.
Pictures and Video:
We went thru the pictures and the video and found nothing that was considered paranormal.

1. Shawn was upstairs Jeff handed me over his recorder. He asked "Are you the little girl that haunts this home" This is the reply.

2. Charles was downstairs by the living room sitting on the couch. He asked if the spirit could let us know his/her name. Here is the sound clip

3. Charles was asking the kids some questions and listen closely you will be able to hear a little girl. Here is the sound clip

4. Tyler was having a problem with his flashlight going out when he was upstairs. He says "This thing (referring to his flashlight) is not working. Then you hear this reply

5. Now Tyler's flashlight started working again all of a sudden. Then after he says "Oh it's bright" You will hear some laughter at the end. Here is the sound

6. This one EVP is a little creepy.Here is the EVP.

Here are some other EVP's we caught in the house:

1. Creepy Ya

2. Get Out

3. Go to Bed

4. Help

5. Sounds like out in my yard

6. Get out of my yard

7. Is this Julian

8. I'm board

Right now we cannot label this building as being haunted. But there is spirit activity going on. We hope to investigate this home again.