South Fargo Home  
Dates: 7/14/07, 7/17/07, 09/07/07  
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Information and Equipment

Date: Saturday 7/14/2007, 7/17/2007, 09/07/2007

Time spent at residence: 11:15pm to 12:23pm

Type of Building: Home-Residence

Equipment Used: Olympus Digital Voice Recorder VN-4100PL, RCA Digital Voice Recorder RP 5012B, Sony DSC-P41 4.1 MP Digital Camera, Olympus 4.0mp Digital Camera, Sony DCR-TRV280 Digital Video Recorder, Brand new (Never been used) HI-8 video tape.

Temperature and Conditions: Temp 71 degrees F, Humidity 76% Sky Clear.

Number of Investigators
Number of Investigators: 2 lead investigators (Shawn, Charles), Co-Owner, Friend of Co-Owner, Total of 4 on 7/14/2007, 2 lead investigators and Observer on 7/17/2007, Owner of the home on 09/07/2007
Initial Report
My experiences at the house:  the most recent was within the last 2 weeks (I could probably tell you the exact date if I looked at a calendar).  There is no one living in the house at the moment.  A friend of mine stays there occasionally, but was not there at the time of this event.  I was working on cleaning out the leftover items in the house (an estate sale had been completed the week before). I was on the second floor of the house, in a bedroom that had been used as an office the past several years.  There is still some furniture left in this room (desk, chair, bookshelves, computer, computer monitor, fax machine, boxes of papers, bulletin boards, etc).  It was a hot day, and I was extra hot from packing, carrying, and going up and down the stairs several times.  While I was behind the door in this room, gathering up a bulletin board and some magazine boxes, I was surrounded by cold air.  (I am not the kind of person who experiences chills).  The drop in temp was very noticeable, especially since I was so overheated and the house was so hot and still.  There is no air conditioning in the house, and no fans running.  One of the windows in the office may have been open, I can't remember, but the window is on the opposite side of the room, and I was behind the door in the corner of the room.  Besides, there were no cool breezes that day, anyway. Another time, Memorial Day weekend in 2004, the chest freezer in the basement somehow became unplugged.  It had been plugged in and running there in the same spot for many years. My sister-in-law had been at the lake and had returned home that Sunday evening. Even though she didn't need anything in the basement, or in the freezer, something compelled her to go down to the basement and into the freezer, where she discovered that it was beginning to defrost. It was in time to save the things that were in the freezer, nothing was lost. She felt that it was her husband, who had died the previous October had somehow 'told' her to go down to check on the freezer.
Investigators Report
During our three investigations we experienced several cold spots, Also when down in the bedroom Investigator Charles had an unknown sprit push on his chest to the point where he could not hardly breathe. We also did get touched on several spots on our bodies. (Head, Neck, Back, Shoulder). When Charles and I were up in the Office area Charles had hairs on his leg pulled off from something that was not there. When Charles asked "Does this mean you want me to leave" he heard and felt a breath right by his left ear. Also we caught several EVP's. Then during the second investigation we caught a strange light anomaly on video.

Case 1:

1. I'll be ok - Honey 2. I'm Sorry 3. Please Leave 4. Mom 5. Welcome Back 6. Ghostly Laugh 7. We're right upstairs 8. Hello 9. Get out of here 10. Joy plus other EVP 11. Sounds like "walkin back in control" 12. Ya

Case 2:

1. You're Dead

Case 3:

1. Knock on Walls

Videos - You will need to DVD software to view these Videos.

Case 1: We did not catch anything of interest on video. The video camera was placed in the basement in hopes of catching the freezer unplugging.

Case 2: The camera for this case was placed in the lower bedroom by the kitchen. Notice the light anomaly in the right hand corner. When this light showed up I did not see any lights that were coming from the window. Plus the drapes were shut and the neighbors were not even home... Click on the picture to see the video.

Light Anomaly