Trollwood Park  
Revisited 7/11/09  
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Investigation Results:
Investigators Present:

At this investigation we had two lead investigators (Charles and Shawn). Two full time investigators (Angela and Randy). Two part time investigators (John and Tyler) One new investigator (Anthony) and one guest.

EVP's Captured:

1. EVP saying "I can be famous" click here

2. John saying she was...Right after you hear "seven" click here

3. EVP saying "Get out of here" click here

4. John talking unknown EVP at end. Tell us what you think she's saying. click here

5. Freaky EVP! click here

6. Charles taking and a "Whistle" is heard right next to recorder. This whistle was not made by any of the investigators and was not picked up on any of the other recorders. click here


We feel that Trollwood is hanted. We are going to continue investigating here and using this location for training new investigators.

Also, remeber before investigating anywhere that you must have proper permission!