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Profile of Shawn O'Donnell

Hi World, Well I'm a 29 year old Male, grew up in Moorhead, MN then moved to Fargo, ND. The first time I started experiencing the paranormal was at a college out of town. I was helping out a friend and we both started hearing voices as we were putting away materials for the students. We looked around but no one was there and all the doors were locked. If someone came in the building we would know it due to the doors being so loud when they open. After a couple of minutes we starting hearing the voices again. So then I found out were the voices were coming from. So then I started to investigate. As I was coming down the stairs, a big gust of very cold air went right by me and I just froze. I tried to move but could not. I also started getting a feeling of great sadness. Then I snapped out of it when I heard my friend calling my name. He also told me he was calling my name several times but I would not respond I just stood there. Ever since then I have had a real interest in studying the paranormal. Then also when I moved into my current home, I have had a couple of experiences. Some pictures and objects falling and also shooting across the room in my office then hitting against the wall which they fall to the floor. Then when I was coming inside I heard a female voice saying "Hello" There were no females in my home at the time this voice said "Hello" Then have experienced other strange but cool things inside my home. In February of 2008 I purchased a dog from our local Humane Society and during the third night he got up all of a sudden and started barking and growling toward my office area. Then all of a sudden he jumped from the futon and ran right toward the door that leads to the basement and the back door. Kind of in the same area where Charles caught those EVP's from within my home. So I think it scared the spirit off somewhat but don't really know. Since Charles and I have started FM Paranormal we have had some really interesting cases and also some awesome experiences.

Some Favorite shows:
1. Ghost Hunters
2. Paranormal State
3. Haunting's
4. Unsolved Mysteries "Ghosts"
5. Most Haunted