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1. 93.7 Hit Music Y94
It was January of 2008 when FMP was just in the process of starting up. Charles and myself went on y94 after contacting Troy Dayton about one of the members on our forum saying a local radio DJ claims that his home is haunted and he has seen many different things go on.
2. KFGO Mighty 790

After we did the morning show on y94 both Charles and Shawn were invited on to KFGO as now we both thought this was awesome and happy and excited to get our name out. Well we did the show and got so many people calling in and saying that they were interested in us. We did a total of three shows. Here is a sound clip from one of our shows on KFGO. Click Here to listen

3. 93.7 Hit Music Y94
We had the honor to investigate the home of Troy Dayton host of the y94 Morning Playhouse. We will be going over the evidence from his home Monday July 21st 2008 at 7:30am. Click here to listen to the Live Stream of the show.